Tasting this cake is a transcendental experience. Elsie’s Flour Shop confections are as elegant as they are delectable. It was such a treat to enjoy this in celebration of my birthday.
— Veronica V.
Her cakes speak for themselves from the inside out. From the intricate flavors to the visual presentation, I am amazed with her effortless talent.
— Christy Ramos, Founder of Christy V. & Co.
Elsie’s Flour Shop is Miami’s best kept secret! Although I suspect not for long. Her cakes are by far the most delicious and decadent I’ve ever had. I’ve tried everything from her basic vanilla to her latest creation: summer strawberry. Each time I try a new flavor, I’m blown away by her ability to capture the essence of each ingredient. Elsie’s cakes are truly perfection.
— Cathleen P.
But seriously, these are the most unique, delicious, stunning cakes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I used to be a wedding planner. The icing on the cake is that Elsie is more than delightful to work with.
— Lauren W.
Elsie’s Flour Shop creates cakes that leave lasting impressions and will have you coming up with any excuse to order one. The aesthetic looks like an elegant work of art, simple yet stunning… Her chocolate lavender cake with vanilla bean buttercream was everything cake should be—times a million. Her cakes are not just the sweet ending to a party, they are a cause for celebration.
— Cristina C.
The Elsie’s Flour Shop cake I had for my birthday was easily the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. I’ve also had other kinds of cakes — including an incredible chocolate lavender cake — from Elsie’s Flour Shop at friend’s birthdays and other events; they’re consistently flavorful, fresh, and well balanced (as opposed to being overly sweet and one-dimensional, which is pretty common even at some high-end bakeries). Can’t recommend Elsie’s Flour Shop highly enough.
— Nicolás J.
Elsie is an amazing baker and even more amazing to work with. She’s passionate about her flavors and her products and with good reason—everything is delicious. I’ve used her for my wedding and my birthday and she [has] not disappointed!
— Marisa B.